Sound Massage Therapy


Sound Massage Therapy

Sound Massage is a complementary therapy in mainstream healthcare the vibrational effects of Sound Healing Massage on one’s body, mind and energy.

During a session, after a holistic health assessment, placed directly onto the fully-clothed body, Himalayan singing bowls are played using felt mallets, to create a soothing sound and gentle vibration. The bowls are strategically placed around the body, working through the meridian points, sending vibration through the body and creating a flow of sounds and energy which encourages harmonization and deep relaxation. Results can vary from a deep sense of relaxation, to relief from physical and/or emotional pain, a sensation of lightness as the body lets go of past emotional and physical issues. “The Vibrations, like acupuncture needles, are amazingly efficient to help vital energy flow freely. The combined sound and vibration can induce a deep sense of meditative relaxation which helps to de-stress mind and body. Our body is mostly made of fluids and we know how water react in patterns to a vibration. Water is Life, fluids have a close relationship to our nervous system’s health on a cellular level.

Duration: The massage lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours.


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