Nâga Massage


Nâga Massage

This massage evolved from the healing principals of Thai massage to incorporate strands of richly colored hanging silks utilized by your therapist to take you deeper into stretches. Techniques involve deep massage and stretching on a firm floor mat. It is a therapeutic, relaxing procedure that restores healthy blood circulation, eases energy blockage, pain, and tension, while improving flexibility and postural alignment. in the Buddhist tradition the Nâga can take the form of a half human half serpent.

Nàga is experienced while wearing loose comfortable clothing and resting on a Thai mat or futon. This service has a flow and rhythm allowing tension to release any hold it has on your body. Strength and grace combine seamlessly enabling the fluid motion of the silk to help balance and harmonize your body. Using merely their feet, deeper muscle work is incorporated as therapist is suspended above person, skillfully shifting both weight and pressure to work deeply into the muscle and release any remaining tensions.

Duration: The massage lasts 100 minutes.


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