Massage & Corrective Exercise

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Massage & Corrective Exercise

The issue of whether a Masseurs can prescribe exercise or provide corrective exercises for their clients is considered by: defining the terms, legal and medical requirement, therapist training and protection of the consumer.

Corrective Exercise may be described as a systematic approach to identifying specific postural weaknesses, movement imbalances and joint limitations and the design of an exercise program to correct them. The exercise program should focus on movements that create balance, daily living skills, stability and/or mobility to improve function.

Professional Masseurs s should never, under any circumstance, proceed with an exercise plan without first providing the client with information on why and how the exercise will be performed, as well as any associated risk. Written “informed consent” should be obtained before proceeding. Clinic notes should clearly indicate the process of assessment, the staging of the exercise program and / or any changes to the initial plan.

Duration: The massage is usually 60 to 90 minutes.


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