Hot Towel Massage Therapy


Hot Towel Massage Therapy

The use of heat to treat an injury or condition is known as Thermotherapy. Heat causes physiological changes within the tissue, such as increased temperature, metabolism, and elasticity of the tissue, and decreased pain, muscle spasm, and joint stiffness. When combined with massage, moist heat towels will produce general relaxation. The towel’s warmth offers an effective way to improve circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and release tension. Whenever we’re injured, we should focus on improving circulation to the area to promote faster healing. A towel massage is the best way to unwind and recover, and it can get even better. The heat from the towel opens up your pores and promotes circulation. combine hot towels massage alongside common massage techniques like deep tissue, aromatherapy, and Swedish.

Benefits of Hot Towels Massage: Ease sinus pressure, reduce soreness, soothe joint pain, Speed healing processes, promote circulation, Encourage relaxation.

Hot towel massage is used both in the field of beauty and therapy.

Duration: The massage usually lasts about 20 minutes.


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