Herbal Compress Massage (Herbal Stamp Massage)


Herbal Compress Massage (Herbal Stamp Massage)

Herbal compress massage, which originated in Thailand, is the type of alternative therapy treatment which is applied on your soft tissues such as muscles and fascia to help you to relieve the stress, improve your sleep, improve general well-being, promotes blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system which helps to remove the waste products from body and manage pain including non-specific lower back pain and neck and shoulder pains and aches.

It is performed using specially prepared cotton stamps (bags) filled with shredded herbs and spices, including among others: ginger, cinnamomum camphora, lemongrass, kaffir lime, eucalyptus leaves, turmeric. The stamps are heated to release essential oils contained in the herbs, and then used for massage the body. As they become cooler, the intensity of massage increases, which causes the active substances in the plants to be released and absorbed in the heated skin. The herbal massage has a positive effect on joints and muscles. It also acts as an analgesic. It improves blood and lymph circulation and therefore stimulates metabolism and removes toxins from the body.

Duration: The massage lasts 30 to 45 minutes.


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