Face massage

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Face massage

Facial massage is the technique involves stimulating pressure points on the face, neck, and shoulders. You can use lotions, oils, or cleansing balms with facial massages, as well as a face roller or a flat gua sha tool.

Facial massage helps promote healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles. It has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, helping you look and feel better.

There are several different facial massage types and techniques that you can do on your own or with a professional.

Types of facial massage include:

  • lymphatic drainage
  • reflexology
  • shiatsu
  • gua sha
  • Swedish
  • remedial
  • sinus
  • acupressure

Facial massage techniques include:

  • cupping
  • digital or knuckle kneading
  • folding
  • effleurage
  • vibrations
  • tapping
  • Jacquet pinching

Duration: The massage is usually 60 to 90 minutes.


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