Disability People and Massage


Disability People and Massage

Massage Therapy for People with Disability

Massage therapy has been used for the treatment of muscle soreness and tightness. It can be used to alleviate inflammation, increase circulation, and induce muscle relaxation. Athletes and stressed individuals are not the only people that may benefit from the therapeutic effects of massage. Massage therapy for people with disability has shown positive effects in their lives, improving organic, intellectual, social, and emotional aspects of their everyday living.

So, massage therapy for people with disability comes with many benefits and instant advantages like:

  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Support
  • Edema Reduction
  • Immune System Boost
  • Helping with Anxiety & Depression
  • Improved Circulation of Blood & Lymph
  • Improvement in Range of Motion & Flexibility

Duration: The massage lasts 60 minutes.


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